Donegal County Enterprise Fund

The purpose of Donegal County Enterprise Fund

Under the Memorandum of Association the two primary objectives of the company are:

“To give effect to or to further the aims and objects of the International Fund for Ireland by creating, establishing and maintaining a revolving business enterprise fund by means of private sector subscriptions and by means of contributions from the International Fund for Ireland for the purpose of investing in suitable projects, businesses and enterprises in the County of Donegal” and

“To become involved in, assist or contribute towards the establishment, support and development of any project, whether in industry, commerce, the service sector or otherwise, or any other business or enterprise in the County of Donegal which has a potential for creating or sustaining productive employment and enhancing the economic prosperity of the County.”

In addition to developing a range of loan schemes, The Fund has also developed enterprise space in Glenties and Letterkenny and has plans for further expansion in Donegal Town and Letterkenny

Directors 2020

The directors of The Fund are drawn from across the business sector in the county including tourism, banking, small business, community and public sectors and elected representatives. The current directors are:

Adrian Britton (Chairman)

Enda Bonner, Benedict Dorrian, Barry Gallagher, Brian Hegarty, Niall Kavanagh, Garry Martin, Michael MacGiolla Easbuig, John McCarter, Ian McGarvey, Noel O’Connell, Ken Sharpe, Declan Toner, Phonsie Travers, Ms Gráinne McCafferty, Ms Larissa Feeney, Ms Lynn McLoughlin, Ms Helen Haworth, Eamon Barrett

Michael Tunney (Secretary)

Company no. 129506         Charity no. CHY 9232


The Fund